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I´m a seasoned Consultant with 14+ years of Infrastructure Management, Monitoring and Automation experience and knowledge obtained through various projects implementations and administration in several Industry Types,Retail, Financial, Insurance, Telco and Utilities, in addition my international experiences have add to my portfolio multi-cultural experiences and different perspectives on how to achieve goals.
Professionally flexible, dedicated, service-oriented and willing to go the extra mile. Offering a unique combination of analytical skills with the ability to assess vantage points to create cost-effective solutions for internal and external clients.
Considering life to be a constant learning curve and believe that my mentality not only makes me intrigued by innovation and creative ways to implement and inspire but also helps me to constantly evolve to become the best that I can be.

Tools Experience:
- CA Technologies (CA Spectrum, CA eHealth, CA SOI, CA Client Automation (ITCM), CA Server Automation, CA UIM (Nimsoft), CA Sysedge, CA NSM, CA VAIM, CA NFA, CA ADA.)
- Microsoft (SCOM, OMS, SCCM)
- VMWare (vOperations Manager)
- Cisco (ALM , LMS)

Areas of Expertise :
- Infrastructure Monitoring
- Application Monitoring
- Service Assurance
- Client Automation
- Services Provider