Digitisation stage 1

20000 people affected
500 people managed
36 month project

Project Description

Digitisation stage 1 was the alignment of military personnel to current technologies in use for e purpose of managing a diverse range of assets and attributes.

As a first shot in the arena of digitised scenario management, the manipulation and timely dispersion of relevant data to the required decision makers was to be tested.

In short, real time data management across wide area networks.

With the advent of windows New technologies, the potential for multicultural management was becoming a reality. With boundaries and diversity being shrunk by common platforms in use across Europe, the capability for high mobility computing was becoming a reality and the window of oppertunity had been presented for the on boarding of computing in line with current management capability. 

A great test of capability for computing as in many areas, the early nievety in computing presentation was evident and fell far short of the requirement. It all had to start somewhere though and with the right investment this testing phase provided the Platforms required for the ball to come into play.

That was all started some 13 years ago and while the origional software may no longer be in use, it was through those early field and battlefield trials that many answers have been provided. Today's systems are more rugged more versatile and no doubt standing on the foundations of those early days.

Lessons Learned

the systems would have to be driven from all the potential major stakeholders in an agreed platform base with the promise of mutual benefit.

The major stakeholders would also have to be prepared to loose control of individual idealism in the early trials to assure a measurable baseline can be achieved.


support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted

Technical Skills Used

  • Network engineering
  • Exchange
  • Nt4
  • London51.5085-0.12574
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