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It depends a lot on the profile of your environment and less on the size of your company. For example I you have an established web offering (Linux or Windows) running in your DC but you expect dynamic spikes that you ideally would "cloud burst" but you have to amortize…
Almost 7 years ago
I completely agree. Cloud Computing vending is a scale business. And unless you have the $$ Billions to invest in DCs, interconnects, CDN capacity, as well as in continually investing in the OS and Management software infrastructure, you cannot be anything but a vendor…
Almost 7 years ago
One other thing to consider in light of the Target data breach: what is the security track record of this system. Monitoring requires very low level access to physical, OS and application infrastructure. One of the doorways that was used in the Target breach, was a common…
Almost 7 years ago
Again the usual clarifying questions apply. --> What problem are you trying to solve (ie what's not working with what you have today) --> What is the profile of the IT system you are needing to monitor (a Real Time operation will require something different than a 100%…
Almost 7 years ago
BTW here's the link to Elastic Beanstalk PaaS
Almost 7 years ago
You are comparing Apples with finished Fruit Pies in much of this analysis. Rackspace is focused on competing with Amazon's VM business. But fundamentally that is a transition technology. VMs are an easy migration from existing Server Consolidation and Virtualization…
Almost 7 years ago
I don't see how the "barriers" are inherent to PaaS: -->Managing servers is a cost TO BE AVOIDED - so that's actually a benefit of PaaS not a barrier --> Security is no more difficult than implementing good security practices on a Web App. And much of it is simpler since…
Almost 7 years ago
>>Windows Azure. You get virtual machines, you can use remote desktop / ssh to administer them. •General flow: you create a virtual machine and that’s it (similar to AWS). << HUH? the big thing about Azure is that it was focused initially only on PaaS. It has the…
Almost 7 years ago
2) what does "best" mean? --> Lowest cost? --> Highest reliability? --> lowest cost of development? --> best set of service offerings? --> specific set of capabilities (HIPAA, ISO compliances, HPC computation? --> "hybrid management"?
Almost 7 years ago
Yet another person chiming in that the question is generally too broad to answer. 1) what does "scale" mean? --> do you mean millions/billons of simultaneous users? --> do you mean petabytes of data? --> do you mean thousands of parallel processing threads? Each…
Almost 7 years ago
My top 3 1) Cost/Performance -- Reduced get state of the art computational power and you pay only for what you use -- Reduced OpEx....with PaaS (not with IaaS) you reduce your OpEx costs by not having to manage your server stack -- Improved Performance (you…
Almost 7 years ago
I've not used their Customer support but here is what they say about it >> Free Support Support is available for all Heroku users through our Help platform, which lets you file tickets with our support team and get more information on common questions and issues.…
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I am a senior technology executive with experience from Microsoft and other leading US and International technology companies. My track record of innovation demonstrates direct improvements to the bottom line in variety of settings from large technology organizations to newly created startups.

I bring broad based experience across multiple industries and markets with a proven ability to integrate partners to exceed customer expectations. I leverage my multi-cultural, poly-lingual heritage to deliver a proven record of transcending cultural differences to bring projects in on time and on budget.

Domain expertise: Cloud Computing platforms, Social Media integration, Enterprise Architecture analysis, and Consumerization of IT (BYOD)

Dual US and EU passports

-Disruptive tech: Cloud (Windows Azure, CA ASC, Amazon ECF,, IBM Bluecloud), Mobile (Windows 8, iOS, VDI ), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Big Data analytics
-EA (TOGAF 9) analysis
-Gamification of decision making sys.
-Partnering with MSFT:
Unisys Runner Up Partner of the Year 2yr.
-Cust. focused Social Media strategy for Hong Kong Gov. acct team wins praise from cust Solution of the Region Award
-Drove server cons. into corp. IT:
100% ROI in 1 mo, mo. savings $100,000

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