Joined the Enterprise Architecture Team

200 people affected

Project Description

Joined the Enterprise Architecture Team tasked with many things that include creating an SDLC, Repository, etc.  This is a new team to our organization so we are currently challenged in developing or changing processes to integrate our team in the flow of Application Development and Documentation.  Our first run at a repository is merely a set of folders on the network where we can store our artifacts.  Eventually, we want to develop or acquire a more automated Repository that includes extensive search capabilities to assist the user in finding the information they are looking for.  We have nearly completed the creation of a Software List that includes all software being used in our enterprise, the software's status relative to product Life Cycle, etc.  We have started at similar list for hardware that is used to support the architecture.  Obviously, we have a long way to go, but I am excited about the outcome and what I believe will be avaluable asset for our organization.

The week of 05/19/2014 I attended the TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 and Level 2 class given by Global Knowledge.  It was a great class and certainly helped me understand more about the task at hand.


large no. of people impacted
convincing people of the value add that enterprise architecture provides.
integration of ea into existing pmo and agile process

Technical Skills Used

  • Planning
  • Network Capabilities
  • People Skills
  • Think outside the box

Technical Certifications Used

  • TOGAF class taken, certification pending
  • Topeka39.0483-95.678
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