Plan and Implement IPv6 DualStack

1200 people affected
5 people managed
18 month project

Project Description

Plan and Implement IPv6 on top of our existing IPv4 Infrastructure.  The desire is to provide the capability to support IPv6 in our environment while at the same time continuing to support IPv4 until we can complete the migration away from IPv4.  I have completed and received approval to move forward from an 'IPv6 Strategy Document'  I am in the process of asking for and receiving specific team members that will assist with the tasks of this effort.  Presented the IPv6 Strategy Document to Management in April and they appproved it.  Attempting to identify key team members and get them set up for IPv6 Foundations training, so that we have multiple people on the team with a common level set of the technology and what needs to be done.


management had to be convinced

Technical Skills Used

  • IPv4/IPv6 Knowledge
  • Project Planning
  • Complete knowledge of our Network Attributes
  • Extensive knowledge of our Network Construct
  • Design and Doc IPv6 Address Plan
  • Identify Network Resources Impacted
  • Communication Skills at various levels

Technical Certifications Used

  • Previously a CCNP, expired now
  • Topeka39.0483-95.678
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