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If this is a web based application, manual testing will have to be performed each time to continually detect regression, results collected and sorted to render patterns and history with enough information to pass to development to communicate the issue. You might look for a…

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100% of web application development experiences regression errors, never knowing when or where they appear. We solve that very easily and inexpensively. Next-generation eureQa® shortens cycles for capital efficiency.

Checking manually is too time consuming, incomplete and inconsistent.

Automating cross-browser regression testing is now easier, faster and so incredibly affordable, you can't afford not to consider eureQa®.

Now you can direct the most effort to innovating by leveraging eureQa® for rapid cross-browser regression test build, run, maintain and analysis for continuous testing and integration. You can now choose the level of testing for builds and releases with more consistent, quicker and less costly results.

No more manual regression testing or high overhead of automating. Software industry experts agree testing often and early is more capital efficient.

eureQa® is a cloud based, automated regression testing tool that makes it easy for non-programmers and programmers alike to quickly and completely test their Web applications by allowing a user to:
- automate software testing visually, with or without the use of any programming languages
- create testing scenarios once and run it across multiple browsers and environments
- run tests from the Cloud without requiring any investment in hardware, software and maintenance
- perform detailed analytics on test results to identify problem areas in their software and thus improve its quality.

Time, cost and test coverage improvements result from automation, easy of use and resource availability, when you need it and only when you need it.

No more last minute bug fixes and a rush to deliver that too often limits sufficient test coverage. Plan ahead with eureQa®!

Try it yourself at OR challenge us to a test and we'll show you how easy it is to build one for you, on us!

Byron Druss

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