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About 7 years ago
As the Organization matures there is a need to make decisions to the direction of the growth of the organization and a need to have the right data at right time. But for this to happen the transaction data from the various functions needs to be structured and in proper…
About 7 years ago
SAP - BO is all traditional and extracts data from a structured sources and after the fact, so it can at best help you to make decision after the fact. It is based on creating a Universe so their is quite an intensive build period before beginning to drive and insights.…
About 7 years ago
I agree with Ian that you would want to try something on the cloud, that will be cost effective. But if you still insist to with QlikView or Tableau. I would recommend QlikView over Tableau as QlikView is more matured and has both Analytical and reporting Capabilities but…
About 7 years ago
The following is the order I follow when I research BI tools: 1. Scalability and Performance 2. Usability & UI 3. Mobile and Cloud Based integration and accessibility 4. Maintenance and code 5. Connectivity to Databases and Big Data

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