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The add-ins are included so that QTP can recognize certain objects. Java add-in enables QTP to be able to identify JAVA objects and use corresponding methods; similarly .NET add-in helps QTP to identify .NET objects. A .NET window is identified as swfWindow and not…
Almost 7 years ago
The Best Load Testing Tool in market is LoadRunner. Pros: Proven capability. Highly Reliable. Good Support Cons: Its pricing makes it uneconomical. A best alternative is..... People in the above discussion were talking about many tools but missout…
About 7 years ago
Which application are you trying to automate or trying to find out a manual testing solution for? Compuware looks like it has Mainframe testing solution. As far as Functional Regression Testing (FRT) is concerned, there are wide range of products available in the market…

About me

Aug 2011 - Nov 2013

Worked for Oracle India Pvt Limited as Automation consultant.

- Involved in two projects (People Soft-Campus Solutions & Oracle EBS).

My Roles involved the development of a Automation frame work in OATS and Implementation of FORTE Frame work based on KEYWORD strategy.

Aug 2009- July 2011

Worked on Two health care project which involved following responsibilities

Understanding the requirements, creating the test cases for the new features added and getting them approved. Creating the required automation script for any functionality asked for using QTP 9.5.
Running the regression for the specified scripts for any impact on the other features after any fix.Verified the functionality of the application on which the testing was performed.
Prepared and reviewed test case documents. Verifying the test cases and understanding the design.
Wrote automated Scripts based on the patient data.
Creating Data Parameterization to automatically supply variables with test data using Data Driven Tests.
Reviewing Test Scripts and Implementing Framework.
Analyzing Requirements and Identifying reusable functions.
Identifying all possible error scenarios and handling them in reusable functions itself.
Implementation of Hybrid Framework (Keyword + Data Driven).
Automating & Executing Test Cases.
Writing new test cases and remediating the existing one’s.
Executing test cases and test scenarios.
Logging test defects, assigning them to development team and tracking to closure using a defect logging system.
Coordinating with developers for defect analysis and performing Regression Testing.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments