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Functional Automation Using Oracle Application Testing Suite......

180 people affected

Project Description

I am working for a kind of team which deals with maintainance,technical support and  customization of all the Demos of the oranisation related products across the world to make them function smoothly without any hiccups.

We here are involved with thousand of demos every year and make sure they go smoothly.

My role here in this Project is limited to automation of all the Regression on all the  products,Developing the Health Checks for hundreds of environments which are customized with products to be demoed using the automated heath check process.

We here get many short term automation projects since the number of demos varies from time to time int he financial year in very short notices.

Lessons Learned

I would like change the whole process of the demos how they are handle.Here a hierarchical approach of handling resources is made and i would like to make it round robin kind where every one becomes accountable and each demo goes thorough many before a final is delivered,hence we can in first hand get all the technical,environmental error fixed before hand.

Technical Skills Used

  • Quick Test Professional
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite
  • Java Core
  • VB Script
  • Hyderabad (IN)17.384178.4564
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