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About 2 months ago
It has been a while since I've responded so here are a few other things: I love their deep built-in integration with SAP and I'm really impressed with their ability to automatically convert our custom code to low-code modern apps
7 months ago
One of the reasons we ended up selecting one of Mendix's competitors - Pillir - was the pricing, while Mendix's pricing model is kinda consumption based, we found out there is a hidden hefty fee on infrastructure cost.
Almost 4 years ago
From a high level perspective, when evaluating converged infrastructure it's important to look for the scale out capabilities and what kind of easy, turnkey, operations are available. It is also important to see if there are tools that can be used to monitor the…
About 7 years ago
I would suggest checking out also Stackify, We are using it for DB and servers monitoring as well as overal app performance & error and logs management. You may want to talk to them as I think they are coming with some new relevant features

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