We changed paper based survey process of Penny

500 people affected
300 people managed
3 month project

Project Description

We changed paper based survey process of Penny Market retail company, manage the service from cloud, front-end is mobile application. Goal of the regular survey process was to measure the quality of service of the retail outlets. Now we manage 6 countries with the same service back-end. Each country operates a 30-40 person staff covering a dedicated gegraphical territory. It is no longer needed to call them, or send email every week what to do, rather the central management can dispatch a worksheet, that controls the activity. Field workers have a mini workflow in hand, that controls the survey flow precisely. Mobile application is smoothly synchronized with the back-end, collected data is securely arrives to the central storage. This iformation is pre-processed and a business report set is generated. Data is archived and historical analysis also can be done in place or in another BI system. Our solution is open, based on well accepted IT standards.

Lessons Learned

If we did it again, we planned a bit different architecture. Data collection and data processing for BI purpose shall be better separated. By increasing value of business information and increasing need of different report results in a BI funcionality, that is far from simple reporting. That assumes a dedicated database optimized for BI funcionalities (dril down, multi dimensional analysis).

Futhermore, we shall think about the advanced services of Azure Mobility. By start of implementation we did not take into account properly Azure services like load balancing, security.

By evolution of our services and building our product line, we improved this service components gradually.


ahead of schedule
under budget
received recognition / award
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted

Technical Skills Used

  • Azure cloud configuration
  • .net programming
  • android programming
  • cloud architecture
  • Wiener Neustadt (AT)47.816.25
  • Sofia (BG)42.697523.3242
  • Prague (CZ)50.08814.4208
  • Budapest (HU)47.49819.0399
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