Managed a Project to Launch a Telecommunications Central

Project Description

Managed a project to launch a Telecommunications Central in one year, within budget, from the building construction until the operational systems working.

Managed Turn-Key Contract (US$6 millions) involving: negotiations with suppliers and Telecommunications Operators (Telepar/Telemig), physical/financial scheduled activities such as switching systems, transmission interfaces (PCM, UHF/SHF radios, optical fiber, links prospecting), subscribers networks, electrical networks (AC/DC), building tasks and air conditioning systems. Achieved goals and time demands in those unprecedented contracts to Equitel. Elaborated Technical / Commercial Proposal for others turnkey public auctions, including: data compilation, products/services clients/suppliers coordination and documentation follow-up. Managed Equipment Homologation Processes in Minicom, Telebrás, Anatel and Certification Processes in telecom Operators. Participated in the New Products and ISO 9000 Certification Processes.


ahead of schedule
under budget
received a promotion
support from colleagues


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted
cost overrun
hard to meet schedule

Technical Skills Used

  • Projects Coordination
  • Customers Management
  • Tasks Coordination
  • Operations/Account Control
  • Logistics Planning
  • Negotiation and Sales
  • Internal / External Suppliers Negotiations
  • Creation of INNOVATIVE products
  • Contracts Coordination
  • Atibaia-23.1169-46.5503
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