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Answered a question: DB automation using Tosca
Yes. Of course you can fetch data. But I would recommend to have a look at the test data management component of Tosca. There you can keep and "age" data (thus make it stateful test data). More info is on the website on…
Over 5 years ago
Hey Ronny, Have you had a look at the distributed execution in 9.0? You will like it!
About 7 years ago
How is the usability? How does it fit in our IT landscape? Do I have interfaces or options to extend functions? (Rest API?) Which technologies do I need to test? (one for all or specialized) How many and what kind of personnel will I need to operate the tool?
About 7 years ago
You should consider the following questions: What do you want to test? GUI or non-GUI? Are we talking about functional test? Do you plan on automating parts of it later on? Are you planning on mixing the execution of automated and manual tests? And these question are…

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