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In a nearly 16 year professional career I have amassed significant, hands-on, technology development, consulting, and management experience in a variety of established and start-up businesses, US-focused and International alike. Industries range from technology consulting, financial, digital advertising, internet media, and telecommunications, to digital agency, publishing, pharmaceuticals, and mobile application development.

My comprehensive mastery of agile (Scrum, FDD, Kanban, Lean, XP) and classic project management (PMBOK, Waterfall), the SDLC, building and managing a PMO discipline, Business Analysis, and process and operations management combine to provide a unique nexus of core skills in these critical business and technical disciplines.

At ease from the 30,000 foot strategic level to the weeds of process management, development and architecture, I leverage that cross-industry understanding, experience, and proven record of success to conceptualize, define, and execute enterprise-level process and technology initiatives that are relevant to an organization’s known, and unknown, needs.

Additionally, I intelligently and clearly communicate expectations and status to business and technical audiences including executives, design personnel, PMO, application developers, and others.

Lastly, I have a proven history of strategic ideation and execution of seamless technology implementations, delivering next-generation solutions which improve revenues, margins, and workplace productivity.