Job function
Solutions Architect
Company size
501-1,000 Employees
Comms Service Provider
Years of experience
10+ years
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I am currently employed by MTN (Africa's biggest Mobile Telecommunications Operator) as a Solutions Architect.

I have more than 17 years IT experience covering various industries; Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Banking, IT Services, Outsourcing and Telecommunication. Specializing in IT Systems Management merging the cornerstones of IT; People, Process and Technology.

Specialties: Systems Management, IT Infrastructure, ITIL processes, Monitoring, Event Management, IT Service Management, IT Automation, Configuration Management, Application Performance Management, Business Service Management.

My years of experience across various parts of IT enabled me to successfully apply my knowledge within the architecture discipline as a Solution Architect. My analytical nature and strategic thinking compliments my current responsibilities.

I recently completed a KenBlanchard management course which included a Disc Profile Assessment. My Disc profile is CD which confirms my analytical thirst complimented with the ability to execute.

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