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Security, security, security. As Peter Loudon mention further above, the ease of integration does not matter to me, our Dev teams can virtually integrate everything with anything. Control over our data is at place 2 and scalability ranks on 3rd place!

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A commercially focused, Ph.D. qualified Chief Technical Officer with significant project and operational experience ranging over a number of high technology industries. As a senior executive with ICT companies such as Intrasoft Intl, MadeEasy Consulting and, has built a track record of success by leading effective and visionary strategic IT change programs, and by recruiting and developing the high performance teams needed to deliver them.
Experienced managing International IT teams and designing IT architectures and infrastructures for leading financial, nonprofit, corporate, media and educational organizations. Experienced in eCommerce, Financial Services, WEB Services, Social Media, SaaS, Telecom, R&D, investor relations, partnership building and complete lifecycle management of Software Products and Services.