Job function
Sales Engineer
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Tech Vendor
Years of experience
10+ years

=Technical Sales Consulting=
* Communication: Presenting to practitioner and senior leadership, software demonstrations
* Solution Development: Alignment of technology solutions to customer business priorities
* Knowledge Sharing: Peer and partner Enablement
* Marketing material development and events planning
* Contributions to thought leadership and best practices

=Software Development=
* System Analysis: Evaluating business requirements, Proposing technology solutions
* Application delivery: Project resource and demand management, working with distributed teams, projects, and applications
* Quality Assurance and Implementation

* Programming Languages and Development tools: Dominant experience with Java EE. Developed in at least a dozen programming and scripting languages throughout career (C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, JavaScript, VB, etc).
Sufficient understanding of development paradigms to quickly learn new technologies.
* Good understanding of all application tiers and technologies (GUI front end, communication and transport protocols, data layer, security)
* Worked with Windows and UNIX

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