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Passionate about HR Functional Processes and their translation in technology, I have delivered strategy and counseling to major corporations in the context of HR Processes and Systems development and re-engineering, inventing and developing the methodology to global templates.

My engagement in the HR space brings me to collaborate with multiple groups, user groups and conferences, and I am an organizer of DisruptHR conferences.

My long term focus is on large programs, studying and designing people-centric systems, where I can offer a proven expertise dealing with the complexities of large and multi-dimensional structures and organizations.
The key to a long-term HRIS approach is in a solid approach to roadmapping, where the solution vision of the vendor converges with the corporate priorities. Let's achieve it together!

What can I do for you?
• Analyze and prioritize the business and technology trends that are disrupting the HR business, and help you prepare for these.
• Fit the business pain points to a short, medium and long term strategy, matched with product availability and development
• Suggest a roadmap that delivers the expected results, including the different project phases, geographies, prioritization and sequences, keeping in mind the different technologies available and delivery models.
• Review current situation and landscape “as is” and focus on the future “to be”
• Review Change Management planning and training approach as a workshop, to finalize an approach fitted to your company, improving user adoption
• Provide suggestions and advice on how to prepare, plan and review the implementation, according to best practices in different situations and to real life experience.

Let me help you define your approach to the future of HRIS - lets act together. Follow me on twitter @chiarabersano, or contact me by email.

I am equally fluent in Italian, French and English, have a EU and Swiss citizenship as well as a US Green Card.