Today I'm manage SmartDataStore startup - new generation

25 people affected
12 people managed
9 month project

Project Description

Our startup offers cloud storage with increased speed of data download and upload, and with no restrictions on file size, and security-enhanced storage and accessibility. We divide the file to 100 pieces, add 20% redundancy and send out pieces of the file in 120 different cloud servers in different countries around the world (or may be inside the client’s corporation for B2B model). We not hold a copy of client’s files, as existing cloud services do. There are also functions of control by tablet or smartphone.

Lessons Learned

I did not spent my time to VCs before at least prototype done )))


ahead of schedule
under budget
received recognition / award
support from colleagues

Interesting Documents

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  • San Jose (CA-US)37.3394-121.895
  • Tel Aviv (IL)32.080934.7806
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