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Over 4 years ago
PTRG would give you almost the same functionality as solarwinds at less cost. the key is to understand the protocols that run monitoring which would include SNMP, and netflows which actually show you human readable data in terms of monitoring your network bandwidth. in my…
About 6 years ago
No problem sir. I was glad I could help. its a neat tool to use for monitoring your network and its been worth the investment.
About 6 years ago
And the reporting module can produce any detailed report and you have the ability to fully customize to your needs.
About 6 years ago
Most import would be to have the correct MIBS that work with hp for all the protocols also all protocols that he is trying to collect data from should be configured and enabled. Lastly he hast to make sure that the right firmware if on the device the latest and greatest. NPM…

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