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The shortcomings you describe likely are the results of 1) COGNOS' MOLAP architecture and 2) no single metadata. MOLAP is fine for fixed or slowing changing reporting, where what you are looking at is well known and you have plenty of time to respond to new needs. It…
Over 6 years ago
I've only recently started working hands-on with a BI application, although I'm very familiar with the BI space, having been involved since 1996. During that time I've been involved in evaluations of BI tools, mostly for U.S. Gov't clients. That said, I have to agree with…
Almost 7 years ago
I meant hard-to-manage in the sense of the need to develop a multitude of cubes in order to perform analysis. When using cubes for analysis I use an analogy to my time in the Army when directed to a location that was off the map sheet (pre-GPS). When that happens, it's…