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About 3 years ago
CA SIteMinder and IBM ISAM are both powerful tools for SSO. Among those two I would prefer CA SiteMinder. Site Minder is robust and easy to maintain and configure. However, if there is an option of choosing other SSO applications especially for interbusiness SSO…
Over 4 years ago
The SSO capabilities are great, but it is not evolving with a speed of the changes outside the realm of an organization. There are applications usually on HTML5 and Java script using angular scripts which are becoming too complicated to have SSO capabilities when using ISAM…

About me

As a technical lead lead in Wipro, I am working with a team managing the identity and access for a secured environment for a banking client.

In total I have about 9 years of industry experience with Telecom and banking domains.

My niche is IBM Security Access Manager (WebSEAL) along with ITDS, LDAP and Oracle Secure Global Desktop servers (SGD).
I also have strong knowledge of Unix, VMWare, Linux, AIX Administration, Datapower.