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Francis and Tina, I agree with you both most times it is better to go with the product that may be a little more expensive to get the quality you desire. Francis if you have any more projects coming up around UCS let me know I can provide you with support around it or…
Over 6 years ago
Dmitriy, I see that you are working with a Cisco partner and you are mostly happy with their customer support and customer service. Yet one area that I saw to stand out is the fact that you haven't been able to find a vendor with multiple solutions. Along with this that…
Over 6 years ago
Faisal, I agree, Cisco apart from this one draw back, makes great line of switches. To both of you, next time you are looking to buy or upgrade on you Cisco equipment send me a message or contact me. I can get you the best deals on Cisco and make sure to save you time,…
Over 6 years ago
Faisal, Hello I'm Dylan, I'm happy to see that you are getting what you need out of the Cisco routers. I see that you are an Engineer at a University. What besides routing would you say is a highly important feature for a University to have? Are you looking to have any new…
Over 6 years ago
Hello, It seems as if you have set up your University well, its always good to see the benefits provided by a solution once you have completed a project. It sounds like less maintenance for you and your team and more time to focus on new projects or existing issues. Do you…
Over 6 years ago
I see that you are using Check Point VSX, this is a good solution. I also see that you have been working on some infrastructure projects lately. If you are ever interested in viewing your options across a wide variety products, I sell over 300 vendors and would happy to…
Over 6 years ago
Brad, it sounds like Fortinet FortiGate is working great for you, If it fits your price structure and works well in your environment then you have found yourself a good solution. Great job everyone at Fortinet! Its good to see quality protection at a reasonable price. Brad…
Over 6 years ago
Cisco has come a long way with their FW. Cisco ASA is proving to be well liked among users, being that it is reliable and user friendly while providing the modern FW benefits that are so valuable in today's world.

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My Name is Dylan, I believe strongly in genuine customer service to bring my clients the best solution for their environment. I work at an IT Solution Provider, whom is partnered with over 300 vendors. We are empowered by a strong engineering core, who work along with your business to bring you the best tailored solution possible. We save you time, money and effort, so you can focus on your business.

FusionStorm is an IT solution provider with industry leading technology, services, and support. We are strategically partnered with companies such as EMC, Cisco, VMware, Dell,Pal Alto Networks, HP, F5, NetApp and many more. We cover the U.S. nationally along with having global capabilities. Our global capabilities and flexibility set us apart from others, along with deep technical expertise throughout the data center and our Integration Center. FusionStorm helps you cut overall time, effort, and cost.

Fusionstorm offers Technology, Services, and Support in the areas of:
* Infrastructure - UPS/power, Pre-built racks, Structured cabling
* Security - Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Symantec
* Storage - Data backup, Cloud services, Local backup
* Systems - Servers, Virtualization, Infrastructure consolidation
* Networking - Routers/Switches, Wireless, Security, WAN acceleration
* Audio/Video - Video surveillance, Audio, Video
* Staff Augmentation - Industry leading talent available