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I've asked this quite a few times, but it really is the core question when you're making any kind of change. What is the objective? What exactly do you want to achieve and what is SharePoint not delivering on? I can tell you about a lot of products (not just SharePoint and…
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Based upon user feedback, I'd actually look at HP Worksite's solution. You technically can use Salesforce as mentioned, but using a CRM as a content management solution may not be your best bet as you'd be buying a tool that's focused elsewhere. The other option would be to…
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Hey Jonathan, I did that when I was looking into upgrade solutions. However, I ended up going with Workfront (formerly AtTask) for better work management and project management tracking. SharePoint is a good tool and I have used the cloud solution, but the amount of…




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For the past four (4) years I have been in the financial industry, but in different sectors ranging from consumer finance to mortgages. During this time I came to find that I enjoyed bringing people together to accomplish a common goal. Creating enhanced workflows for Discover Financial Services or creating project plans for enterprise level projects with Primary Residential Mortgage, the desire was the same. For this reason I started researching and ultimately becoming a Project Manager. Unofficially, for the last two (2) years, and officially since July 2013.

To get to this point I started with a few classes at the University of Utah to obtain a Fundamentals of Project Management certification followed by becoming a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) a short time later. In November I received my Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt to further understand certain concepts only touched upon by PMI. By taking people out to coffee as well as taking these courses really allowed me to understand the position and whether it was going to be a good fit. By front loading the work, this allowed me to accomplish things that would have been difficult otherwise, like building a PMO.

I’m currently a member of PMI (inc. the local Utah chapter), Scrum Alliance, as well as the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). I enjoy staying up on technology trends so I enjoy keeping up-to-date on what’s going on in the industry and what new trends are coming. Feel free to touch base if you’d like to connect, there’s something I can help you achieve, or you enjoy tech and would like to geek out and talk shop.