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As long as scope of implementation will be realistic and both planning and implementation resources know the product - NetIQ IDM is choice also to smaller company.



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Senior Consultant in IAM sector. Specialiced in Identity and Access Management.

Certified Netweaver Security consultant: SAP Security, Authorizations.
Netweaver Identity Manager

Main expertise in IDM, Access Management and Single SignOn. Has done IDM projects since 2001.

Have a broad view on IAM industry.

Specialties: SAP Netweaver Identity Manager
SAP Security - Authorizations / Roles

LDAP Directories
Identity Management and Provisioning
Access Management
Web site authentications and single signons

Novell Products - mainly SIM Products - from history Netware, Groupwise
Citrix Products - XenApp, Access Gateway, Password Manager
IBM Products - QRadar SIEM