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As Associate Director, Managed Services - Security Operations Centre and via Galbraith and Associates, Karl Galbraith addresses the CISO's Insider and Cybersecurity Threat risk using Best of Breed Security Solutions and Behavioural Analytics.

He leverages over 25 years of InfoSec and IT expertise and experience successfully selling, building, delivering, performing audits on commercial and in-house software product solutions in Fortune 500 and start up environments. His corporate InfoSec executive and co-founder, technical leadership roles at Ottawa startups including Electronic Courthouse, Accentus (acquired by High Road Capital Partners, Nuance), and Filetrek (formerly GridIron Software) specialized in Enterprise and Web based technology focussed on Secure Track and Trace solutions. Karl spent 5 years with Canadian Bank Note Corp. where as acting CIO, he oversaw Corporate Information Security Systems technology and new product development on Secure Track and Trace solutions.

Previous CISO, audit roles at; Canadian Banknote Corp, Filetrek, Accentus, Electronic Courthouse

2008-2014, SRED IS Audit prime

2008-2009 Bank of Canada, KPMG, PWGSC Information Security Audit acting CIO,ISO prime + PM

2008-2009 Canada Post, Innovapost Penn Test, VA Test, PCI Audit acting CIO,ISO prime + PM

2009 ISO27001 certification prime + ISO, PM

2009 ISO9001 recertification ISO + PM

2008-2011 Canada Revenue Agency, Passport Canada,Citizenship and Immigration Canada TRA, Information Security Audit ISO prime

2012-2014 Filetrek CISO expert, lead on TRA, Common Criteria, Information Security Roadmap

Numerous SDLC Security audits, Penn tests, VA tests, Forensic Investigations

Canadian Secret Level II Security clearance achieved 2008 valid ten years

Delivered secure SCM Track and Trace systems for antifraud, antitheft, espionage, forensic investigation to GoC CIC, PPTC, CRA, BoC and internal CBN corporate information security 2007-2012

Nortel - data recovery tools,

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments
Best in Show award MacWorld 2008 , SINET