Job function
Section Editor: Print Software
Company size
51-200 Employees
Printing Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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The “Web” and “Print” interact, compete, and are integrated to create some of the fastest growing companies in the print industry. Jennifer Matt works at the intersection of the new online dominated world and the traditional manufacturing workflows of print. With direct experience in virtually all aspects of the business process (sales through software development); Jennifer brings a unique perspective to the challenges of converting traditional offline print businesses to successful online print businesses.

After leadership positions at several major web to print technology companies and direct involvement in many of the largest web to print projects in the US and Europe, Jennifer Matt founded Web2Print Experts, Inc. The company partners with printers and technology providers to create new revenue streams by leveraging a combination of innovation and technology expertise. Services include sales/ business development, strategic consulting, software development, integration, training, and project management.

Jennifer holds two bachelors degrees from UC, Santa Barbara and an MBA from USF. She lives in San Francisco, California.

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