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Engineering Manager
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10,001+ Employees
Healthcare Company
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10+ years
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I am a Software Engineering Manager in the healthcare industry specializing in SaaS and cloud-based web services for Natural Language Processing applications. I am a supporter of DevOps culture, tools and services, and am a strong evangelist for Agile and Lean development methodologies centering around rapid delivery of viable customer value. I encourage my teams to fail quickly, improve consistently and iterate regularly.

I am an evangelist for the Atlassian software stack and have successfully led the deployment its tools within an enterprise engineering organization covering a variety of workflows, team structures, team locations and engineering principles.


* Agile and Lean Software Development

* People Management

* Source Control Systems (SVN, git)

* Unix/Linux Systems Administration

* SDLC and team workflow tooling with the Atlassian stack (JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Bamboo, Crucible, FishEye, Crowd, HipChat)

* Java/J2EE, PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Perl

* Wordpress

* Web Development and Hosting

Presently Dabbling With:

* Python, Ruby, CSS Templating

* Configuration Management (salt, ansible)