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My best advise, Keep it simple. As organization grows, not only the complexity of people, areas, but the technology mix would try to make you take decisions based on each product, service, area, that probably would guide you to a bunch of specific solutions for each. So…


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Backup and Recovery Software

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Augusto Vicente Tomalá Araujo
Solutions-oriented IT Specialist with notable success directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives while participating in planning and implementation of information-security, helpdesk-support solutions in direct support of business objectives. Technical Professional with 20+ years of IT experience in Client Server, Storage Area Networking, LAN/WAN, Microsoft Windows Environments, and Enterprise Application Integration for hardware/software products. Quickly adaptable and able to multitask in the changing technical and Managerial atmospheres that are common in today's marketplace.

Experience: Helpdesk. Technology Sales. Tech Support. IT investigation. IT hardware and software implementations. Virtualization, server consolidation, virtual desktops, application virtualization. Mailserver & Collaboration, Unified Communications, Firewalls, UTM, security.

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