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Extensive experience in an enterprise Microsoft Active Directory Environment (2003/2008/2012/2012R2)



- Led the implementation of a full VMware infrastructure a large environment (300+ server), including an implementation of VMware including 500+ VMs, using Dell PowerEdge servers, Equallogic, and Compellent enterprise storage.

- Successfully performed a full upgrade from VMware 4.0 to 5.1 with no downtime to the production environment.

Active Directory Integration:

- Single-handedly created an integrated environment between a Student Information System (Aeries), and Active Directory, providing a fully automated and scripted environment for user provisioning and maintenance, using a self-created, MSSQL based database as a middleware.

Active Directory Compliance:

- Successfully completed a project to reduce the number of redundant child/external domains in Active Directory down to three (3) only, all the while optimizing DNS/WINS services, as well as site replication.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC):

- Transformed a flat Active Directory infrastructure, into a fully RBAC compliant database, making ACL and other resource access reporting very easily possible.


- Implemented DFS across multiple branches, increasing redundancy, and making server migration/decommissioning completely transparent to the end users.

AWS Cloud Infrastructures:

- Designed and implemented full infrastructures in Amazon Web Services, delivering highly available applications using EC2, S3, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, RDS, ELB, and other Amazon services.

XenApp and RDS:

- Designed and deployed XenApp and RDS environments while automating provisioning for ease of scalability. This was done to provide web based turn key solutions.