Job function
Network and Security Engineer
Company size
10,001+ Employees
Financial Services Firm
Years of experience
5-10 years
Most Recent Comments

A proactive, analytical, solution driven, and innovative technical network and systems engineer, Demonstrable experience in the provision of strategic technical infrastructure systems and network design, configuration, implementation and support engineering of complex large scale technical information technology and telecommunications infrastructure projects within health, banking, outsourcing, information technology and public sector environments. Sound communication, interpersonal, influencing, and negotiation skills, coupled with the willingness and capacity to facilitate cooperative partnerships with managers, peers, industry specialists, vendors and a diversity of stakeholders to deliver technical projects. A proven ability to manage the concurrent delivery of complex technical support services, ICT upgrades and Greenfield projects in health, banking, and public sector environments. A solution focused achiever with proven ability to apply best practice network and systems engineering expertise, advice and services to deliver measurable strategic and operational ICT solutions and projects within complex and highly competitive industries.

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