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MuleSoft (based on the disparate ESB looked at below) is a strong contender in the industry due to its robustness. My personal experience has been with SoftwareAG webMethods’ ESB which proved to be user-friendly with regards to implementation methodology and how the…

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Technical IT Management, Innovation, Software Research, Stakeholder Engagement and presentations (at all levels up to Executive), Vendor Management, Programming, Database Administration.

* Technical IT Manager, Archiving Manager with 20+ years experience aligning business with IT effectively through service delivery.

* Expert in ensuring operational IT organization and process efficiency.

* Strong leader with well-developed inter-personal and motivational skills.

* Adept at advising on strategic technology investments

* Skilled at creating business value through sound use of technology

* Mitigate business risks as a result of technology. Specialties: Big Data. Content/Information Management. Mechanizations i.e, software productivity tools research, POC, deployment and institutionalization. Have a knack of keeping up with technology trends and constantly looking for cost effective ways of achieving more with less, using technology as an enabler. New business development (Internal and external), Training, Mentoring and coaching

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