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Over 4 years ago
I used both products. Without even thinking twice I will go with PRTG. Solarwinds will take you weeks to finish configuration and tweaking to your environment. I didn't like the user interface, too much data, difficult to navigate. It is way more expensive than PRTG. And…
About 5 years ago
I like VMTurbo Ops, right now I am using SCOM to monitor our infrastructure.
About 5 years ago
Hi Jonathan, I am still using the product. I am using to monitor networking and storage but only in relation to hypervisor. If you want to monitor just your networking or storage, this is not product for you, I will go with PRTG , it is cheap and got much better recently.
Almost 6 years ago
HyperV. I am using HyperV past few years without any problems, before I used VMware. In my last two companies I migrated the infrastructure from VMware to HyperV. One big reason is the cost. VMware is still very expensive. HyperV is coming for free. If you have budget , it…

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