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Just for update Horizon 6 now supports Linux Desktop! Enjoy
About 6 years ago
Hi Eduardo the focus of this product was realize a full cloud solution (private and public). Now vcloud director is focused only for public cloud (for service provide purpose), because vRealize substitute it in private scenario. For this reason, in your private scenario…

About me

System administration

. Linux Advanced

. Windows 2003/2008 Basic

. DNS w bind

. Mail system Linux based (Postfix, Amavis, Dovecot)

. Web server Apache and IIS w Tomcat connections

. Database server MySQL

. Domain Controller w Samba4 and Active Directory

. Log collection with Syslog-ng

. Linux DHCP with failover capabilities and TFTP integration

. Backup w bacula system

Virtualization environment
. VMWare VSphere
. Virtual BOX

Storage Management
. NAS Iomega, FreeNAS, CTERA
. SAN EMC2 CX4-120 and VNX 5300
. HP Storage Works

Video surveillance systems (IP based)
. Mobotix and Sony cams integration

. Drupal w module development
. vSphere integrations

- System Integration
- VMware Adminitrator and Virtualization specialist
- Senior Developer SOA Environment php java c++ python
- AJAX and DOM manipulation guru

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments

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