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Over 4 years ago
Tal Surasky: Im Based in singapore, i'm more than happy to discuss with you. I've already filed 2 new bugs (CSCvc11975 and CSCvb87634) while troubleshooting issues on my end. Still dealing with other issues with TAC now. Unfortunately, TAC experience on ISE is not so vast…
Over 4 years ago
The Best way to troubleshoot is to go through the details of authentication from GUI. If you are good with Linux cmds, then CLI can be a good options. Always start troubleshoot, from bottom to top. The reason is you might have missed a small step in investigation, which can…
Over 5 years ago
NPM works well on VMs also. Its been a year using NPM and other modules on VM. Solarwinds technical support is good also.
Over 5 years ago
Another good feature from SAM is Proactively monitor the expiration and validity of SSL certificates which works well as i implemented in production environment.
Almost 6 years ago
So what you guys suggest if a company have 25000+ employees and thousands of network devices to monitor worldwide ? Currently we are using Solarwinds and we need to follow a distributed environment . We are looking for a centralized setup where are nodes can be managed and…
Almost 6 years ago
That's great. I will be greatfull if someone from your product team will contact me to give demo on the product. If a centralized setup can be provided with all requirement we need, we don't mind to replace the monitoring system.
About 6 years ago
Let me know if you need any help on Solarwinds NPM,NCM.i will try to help.
About 6 years ago
Does this support monitoring from a centralised location to all nodes globally ? This is one of the challenges with Solarwinds which i have noticed.
Over 6 years ago
Welcome..let me know if you have any question

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• ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
• F5 Load Balancer (GTM/LTM)- Administration & Configuration.
• Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS).

• Network Protocols: TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, MPLS, MP-BGP, VPN, VOIP, CUCM,Voice gateways,Wireless,Ipanema & Riverbed Optimizers.
• Experience in L2 Ethernet Switching protocols like VLAN, STP, RSTP, SPAN, RSPAN, VSPAN,VSS, HSRP, Ether-Channels, VSS, Trunking, PVST and VTP.
• Internet Technologies : Operation and maintenance of Internet Backbone Network ( ISP Setup includes Cisco Routers, Switches, Nortel passports , DPN, Wireless broadband , Modems, Leased circuits , Fiber Connection, ISDN and PSTN Data Centre Operation and Infrastructure Management.
• Implementation of QOS on Cisco Router including Priority Queuing (PQ), Frame Relay Traffic Shaping (FRTS) and CBWFQ Marking and WRED.
• Production Experience in F5 Load Balancer (GTM/LTM).

• Perform Level-3 type troubleshooting for chronic issues across EMEA, APAC and AMERICAS.
• Design & Deploy network core infrastructure for new sites as well as for any expansion in current network environment.
• Responsible for day to day problem determination and resolution of Network issues comprising of LAN, WAN, Optimizers, Wireless(WLAN), VOIP, DMVPN, Cisco Firewall and F5(Load Balancers).
• Manage and Maintain WLAN, Cisco Prime Infrastructure, MACDs, troubleshoot and Deploying Cisco routers, Cisco Switches and other VOIP/Wireless network equipment.
• Subject matter expert for Solarwinds (NPM/NCM) tool used for Monitoring, Alerts and Configuration Backups for Network Devices for all regions.
• Coordination with Telco/Vendors, for service delivery, WAN Upgrades and BOM. Maintaining SLA for WAN links and devices.
• Providing leadership, guidance and training to the Tier-2 and Service Desk Engineers about implementation and maintenance of Network

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