About me

Top - tier and award winning IT Services - Software - Consulting Engagement, Hardware and Transformational Services new business developer, as well as global account manager / client account executive and new logo attainment hunter within a cross section of verticals. Along with mid-sized enterprises sales are often complex and in the Fortune 500 - 2000 and Global 3000.

I am able to project a dynamic vision of how the alignment of new emerging technologies in IT - IS - Big Data - BI - Social Mobility - DR / BC - Enterprise Software - Professional Services - Hardware - Managed Services - the CLOUD, Managed Print Services, emerging integrated marketing channels and platforms provide a more relevant and enhanced customer communication platform, experience for the prospect, and competitive lead.

At the start of each year there is greater than an 84% probability that I will overachieve my quota and provide my customers with value as well as a solution that will provide them with a decisive competitive advantage in an ever changing and fast moving domestic, and international, business battle field.

~~~~~ In 2013 I finished 162% of a $6.3 M quota, achieved across the services, software, and hardware in my portfolio, across the key verticals of healthcare / insurance / financial services / payer / production digital, web based, and commercial print on a global scale.

Past experiences include multiple alliance and partnership relationships and sales for Kodak, Oce (twice), Xerox, Siemens and other top tier information systems companies and sales groups.