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About me

Innovative, strategic enterprise data/information architect who designs and develops life sciences solutions that deliver information for business analysis and informed decision making. Strong expertise working with commercial biopharmaceutical companies and a deep understanding of the clinical development lifecycle.

Excels at managing and transforming vast volumes of data into information and knowledge while rapidly evolving the information architecture to provide actionable insight and improve business efficiency, and performance. It’s one thing to have large amounts of data. It’s quite another thing to use that data to make fast and accurate decisions.

Information potential is endless. It’s the bedrock of truth that enables organizations to ask and answer business questions. The mastery of data is a fundamental value. In the biopharmaceutical industry knowledge of your customers is key. Understanding why, where, when and how the myriad of customer interactions connect and overlap with different lines of business, the information potential can be released to make truly data informed decisions.

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