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Here you go.. Jaspersoft has moved on now and the latest version of iReport is called Jaspersoft Studio, an IDE based on Eclipse. Jaspersoft ETL is not a bolt-on ETL tool likes Pentaho's, it is an OEM of the Talend Data Integration Product. Talend is an…
Almost 6 years ago
Hi, To be honest, I can't see why you are not looking at Jaspersoft? In the words of Gartner... Jaspersoft is widely used by ISVs and end-user organizations to embed content in analytic applications and products. The embedded BI critical capability is another example…
Almost 6 years ago
TIBCO is a ranked as a leader for SOA, ESB and Microservices in the analyst forums. The company has been in existence for over 20 years and is arguably the creator of the modern ESB. TIBCO’s pedigree in SOA comes from its background in the finance and banking sector where…