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COO of SpeechTrans Inc, a speech translation software company he co-founded in 2009.

Auerbach’s love of technology and computers started at the young age of nine, when he assembled his first computer. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Pace University in Manhattan in 2008.

Prior to co-founding SpeechTrans, Auerbach worked as a Systems Administrator for Bessemer Venture Partners, where he made the firm’s business possible by spearheading its information technology initiatives. At Bessemer, he was exposed to innovative technologies while implementing and supporting a state-of-the-art computer network. He was in the board room during early stage company pitches from Linkedin, Pinterest, Twilio, and many more. This experience gave Auerbach crucial visibility into startup companies and how they emerge in the marketplace, which translated directly to his pioneering entrepreneurship with SpeechTrans.

At SpeechTrans, Auerbach is responsible for the systems architecture design as well as day-to-day development, operations, and innovations of the SpeechTrans product. He is involved in the company’s marketing functions and plays a key role in building business relationships with partners.

With Yan as COO, SpeechTrans has grown from a start-up to an organization with 15 employees. SpeechTrans has been featured on ABC, FOX and NBC and in USA Today, Wired, PC World, and lifehacker. Thanks in part to Yan’s solid systems architecture and design, HP partnered with SpeechTrans to include the SpeechOne API in their HP MyRoom video conferencing solution in the more than ten million computers HP sells each year. Intel has also selected SpeechTrans to be one of only 15 app to be Pre-Loaded on over 40 million Ultrabooks and Tablets.

When not busy with SpeechTrans, Yan enjoys snowboarding, paintball, and spending time with his fiancé and year old beagle.

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