55 Points5 Years
Job function
Cloud Architect
Company size
51-200 Employees
Tech Services Company
Years of experience
10+ years

I am an Enterprise IT architect with experience in working in medium sized upto very large organisations . I am a trusted advisor of C-level management on technology trends, product selections, evaluations and review / approve the solution architectures / designs. I have a wide set of practical skills and use them on a regular basis.
I have a strong network with many well-respected professionals in and outside the IT community

I like new idea’s and challenges and I have the ability to quickly analyse and formulate out-of-the-box solutions that contribute to a team’s effort. I am experienced in building well-structured designs / architectures that can exist today and solves tomorrow’s challenges. I take initiative and engage with colleagues and 3rd parties to analyse a challenge and find the way forward to designing working solutions, changing the status quo where that makes sense.
I have a strong delivery focus and have a robust track record of successful outcomes.

I am working on cloud, application architectures for the cloud and continuous delivery. I am actively researching cloud, linux, java, building appliances, open source & all things happening around IT.

I am fluent in Dutch, English, good command of German, Danish, and a baseline of French.