Job function
Oracle eBS and Fusion Solution Architect / Engagement Manager / Instructor
Company size
51-200 Employees
Logistics Company
Years of experience
10+ years
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o Enjoys leveraging a strong business acumen with a background in business consulting, technology application, and project management; $6+ million saved – Speaks Chinese, will travel.
o Applicable, hands-on, management-level experience in operations, supply chain, agriculture, and distribution management; reduced inventory 20+%, increased Fill-rate 10+%
o Intensely focused on Customer care - through the customer's Product Owner, Project Manager, and Utilizing AGILE Software Project Management, brought together teams from two (2) competing Consulting Firms, and a third (3rd) Customer-owned Consulting Organization to successfully gather requirements, configure the systems, build the Interfaces, load 1.3 Million Items and eliminate the need for the existing six (6) Item Masters. This accomplishment provided Order Analysts a "Single-Source-of-Truth" for Item research and cut research time in half, with a future goal 80% reduction is Order Exceptions
o Success in selling, implementing and supporting Oracle, and other proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and streamlining business processes; 6 implementations in 14 months

* Oracle E-Business and Fusion Applications-based Solutions
* Improving delivery performance (quicker customer response and fulfillment rates)
* Greater productivity through lower costs and efficiencies
* Reducing inventory throughout the supply chain
* Improving quality and Customer satisfaction

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