Energy & Sustainability

5000000 people affected
30 people managed
34 month project

Project Description

Energy & Sustainability

We  are looking at how sustainable when move from our traditional way of a working group using transport from home to work in a smarter way .

Our research to transform city working class in a sustainable way in April, 2017, was a move to reduce fuel station in cities by replacing it with the rail agency released its “65%” plans for stations to decidedly mixed of transport. Struggle by workers due to their criticism for Government not put good infrastructure in the transport industry , particularly from Ghana.

Lessons Learned

One of the standard i figures out was speeches of that politicians they say rail transport is dead like any individual would say in Ghana is useless In our  time but in the 1940s it wealth counts as long-term thinking to set the transport industry for the next morning, this is exactly what happens time and again.

Even though i would like to look at infrastructure needed that sectors for an economy to run i would initiate this to "the government" which it is a make them to an easy target for political play.

The Infrastructure in the rial sector is an investment without a direct or short-term return, and so is often the first victim when politicians run on austerity and fiscal prudence but really cater to immediate gratification and private consumption at the expense of long term thinking and communal benefits.


management had to be convinced
equipment incompatibility

Technologies Used

  • Kintampo8.05627-1.73058
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