Managed Global FAB Tech Training Program for Intel

12000 people affected
120 people managed
9 month project

Project Description

Managed Global FAB Tech Training Program for Intel.  We established a private cloud based certification tracking system utilizing Windows, SharePoint and TEDS applications to communicate with all Intel factory technicians. We cut the deployment plan drastically by having video enhanced training and a Intel enterprise datacenter private cloud deployment rather than using all 56 Intel FAB data centers.


ahead of schedule
under budget
received recognition / award
support from colleagues
broke old fab centric models.


management had to be convinced
large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule

Technical Skills Used

  • systems engineering
  • Windows Deployment
  • Video Streaming Engineering
  • Content Management Engineering
  • Web Services Architecture


Global Factyory Divisional Recognition
  • Portland (OR-US)45.5234-122.676
  • Shanghai (CN)31.2222121.458
  • Phoenix (AZ-US)33.4484-112.074
  • San Jose (CR)10.9517-85.1361
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