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I think "not a reporting tool" is a little misleading. I have had multiple customers implement the tool for reporting capability alone. While many users love the advanced analytic capability - they especially like how quickly they can build beautiful and smart dashboards…

About me

I am an enthusiastic SAS BI developer who is passionate about helping companies implement and use the SAS BI and SAS Visual Analytics toolsets.

==SAS Programming==

With innovative ideas and SAS programming skills, I have created dashboard and reporting that helped senior management quickly understand the issues and presented workable solutions that allowed the organization to save money and move forward. Customers are delighted with my attention to their needs and expectations.

===Dashboard Design===

Worked with several companies to create dashboards for the SAS BI and SAS Visual Analytics toolsets. Ushered the process from creation to implementation.

==Published Author/Speaker==

As co-author of two SAS BI focused books ("The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes" and "Building Business Intelligence Using SAS"), I help new and experienced users learn to navigate the SAS BI toolset quickly and efficiently!

Every week you can find a new tip about SAS BI in my hugely popular Business Intelligence Notes for SAS BI Users ( or read and blogs about business intelligence at the All Analytics ( site.

I have been invited to presented papers at the SAS Professional Forum, SAS Global Forum, and many other regional user groups. By breaking down complex technical concepts even non-technical team members are able to grasp the basics and become key contributors. From user training sessions, my students consistently commenting "a dull subject became interesting and even fun to learn".