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About 6 years ago
TestComplete released Python support with Version 11 earlier this month. They also did a complete revamp of the Version Control functionality. I'm not sure how good the new functionality is, but SmartBear is making an effort to update the product in meaningful ways.
About 6 years ago
About 6 years ago
My experience with the web support in TestComplete matches yours. As such I have implemented all of our web-based automation using Selenium. I am currently using TestComplete for our desktop applications only.

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Shawn Conlin has been providing professional software development and testing services since 1995. His development skills cover a wide range of languages and platforms including Java, PHP, HTML, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Lotus Notes/Domino, LotusScript, Lotus Formula Language, and Javascript.

Prior to focusing his efforts on development and quality assurance, Shawn provided hardware and software technical support on internal and public-facing help desks.

The knowledge gained from working in all aspects of the computer industry allows Shawn to offer a wide spectrum of services to his clients. It also allows him to have a unique perspective when approaching issues or troubleshooting a problem.

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