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The best honest answer really anyone can give is that it depends. Pricing in and of itself has so many variables including the nature of the deal, the technical need (what I'm sure you're after), and quite honestly the competition. These factors all come into play…
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So I would say as it pertains to data protection, from the limited information that is provided. Remote Copy and Virtual Copy are all based on the amount of storage and the # of disks but I would say that these capabilities are approximately 6 to 7% of the costs just…

About me

WHAT WE DO: I help entities in Healthcare and Financial vertical and the Public Sector maximize how their data is stored and analyzed by providing compute hardware, software, cloud enablement, and professional services.

WHO WE ARE : Operating as one of the largest VARs on the East Coast with nine offices on the East Coast and an International Presence as well, ConRes maintains a client-base of over 1,600 customers, an A+ BBB rating, and an independently verified 95% satisfaction rating. These numbers and rating along with several Fortune 500 clients and Government Agencies validate who ConRes is.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: People today are not seeking a product they are seeking solutions that do one of four things – Make their jobs easier, Improve their bottom line, Protect their data from others, or Enhance revenues. With so many vendors pushing products out the door, yet they lack the engineering expertise to consult towards getting the right solution agnostic of the manufacturer.

We sell and support over 400 products, maintain over 500 unique certifications, 50+ years in business, and average engineers tenure exceeds12+ years. Consider this – ConRes maintains an 1 to 1 Engineer to Sales ratio – Can your VAR say that? The bottom line - ConRes is uniquely poised to provide unbiased, cost-effective solutions and name-brand products as well as bleeding edge technologies that strengthen your ROI (and reduce your TCO).

“They’re [ConRes is] very attentive to detail. They’re very customer focused. They’re out for the best interests of us. The way they approach doing business with us is one of acting as an advisor, acting as a partner, not necessarily acting as the sales channel to us.”
~ CIO for a provider of home, office and home office products

READY TO TALK: Let’s connect here on LinkedIn. Visit our website at or email me at (301)625-4213 (P)