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Senior Consultant IT Infrastructure
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5-10 years
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Always looking for new exciting experiences and technologies.

Gained much experience in/with: Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CoreBiz, CentOS, Red Hat), Xen, KVM, libvirt, Zarafa, Opsview, Cfengine 2, Cfengine 3, Puppet, OpenLDAP, Samba, migrating stuff (from Windows to Linux, Linux to Linux, between Groupwares, Active Directory to OpenLDAP), FAI

Currently focusing on: Configuration management (Puppet), Cloud Orchestration and parallel system administration (Salt), automated deployment (FAI), automating tasks (Bash, Python), Debian package management (reprepro) and setting up storage as a service (GlusterFS, LizardFS).

Furthermore I have been writing articles for the print media (e.g. Linux Magazine).