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For XenServer 6.2, it looks like the limit is 16 vcpu's - see
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For price/performance, I think HP and Juniper offer more than Cisco. HP typically comes in at a much lower cost for comparable features and throughput, and their switches have been very reliable for me. Juniper switches are similarly priced to Cisco gear, but they usually…
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Manager, architect, strategist and security evangelist for large and small technology infrastructures. My primary goal is, generally, aligning technical staff, technical management, and business stakeholders to a common set of goals. This involves substantial collaboration with all levels of an organization to define priorities and develop strategies for organizational success.

Too management-speaky? I like to talk to people about policy, process, and technology, whatever their level of knowledge, so that I understand what they need and they understand how I plan to get them there.

Specialties: Security audits and compliance, security policy and procedures, network and data center design, data center operations, firewalls, switches, routers, load-balancers, storage, tape libraries, VMWare, Windows and Linux server management and all kinds of TCP/IP stuff.