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Over 3 years ago
As function they work the same as physical box, but the way it process the packet will be different from physical box and vm. Physical box had parallel process for packet sniff , antivirus , IPS and vpn. . Motherboard and daughter board their own responsibility for the…
About 4 years ago
i had problem with zebra hand scanner with 802.11b devices. it connected but doesn't roaming, end up upgrading old hand scanners cost more than APs.
About 4 years ago
If i were you, I'll get the budget with PaloAlto and deploy with Fortigate 100D on HO , 30E on branches and Meraki Cloud Switches on branches. So, you will cover from Layer 1 and 2 with Meraki Switch and Layer 3 - 7 with Frotigate. Win win solution. Becasue PaloAlto cost…
About 4 years ago
1. Base on the budget and network size. 2. Palo Alto with WildFire is very good but it comes with price. 3. Fortigate and Palo Alto is similar to manage and concept. 4. Check Point skills firewall admin is not that easy to find and also didn't lead the market.

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