Job function
Senior Software Security Analyst
Company size
1,001-5,000 Employees
Financial Services Firm
Years of experience
10+ years
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* Security+ CE (Certified via Comptia ) 2013
* Sharepoint SA (Certificate via AF/DOD) 2013

Familiar with HP Fortify (AWB,SCA,SSC) & Checkmarx
Familiar with a broad set of languages. (.NET, Java, Javascript, XML, HTML, PHP, etc)
Ability to adapt and quickly learn new languages as needed.
Familiar with the Application Security Standards. (STIG/CWE/OWASP)
Familiar with setting up / mirroring developer environments
Familiar with HP WebInspect & BurpSuite
Familiar with Jenkins & JIRA
Continual effort in keeping up with new developments in software security as they are discovered.
Excellent communication skills.
Familiar with Secure Software Development Life Cycle Process (SDLC)

Web Development:
E-Business Experience
Content Managment Systems (Joomla, Magento, Drupal, SP, Wordpress,others)
Languages: HTML(5), CSS, PHP, Javascript, Flash, Coldfusion
Security: SSL, PGP, etc
Software: Adobe Suite (PS, ID, DW, FW, IL, FL)
Database: mySQL, SQL, Postgres
3rd Party API: Paypal, UPS, FedEx, Google, Shipworks, etc
Online Marketing: SEO, SEM/PPC, Google Adwords, E-Marketing

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